Total Package Guarantee™

Our Total Package Guarantee™ is that you will receive awesome products in the most valuable condition possible:

1. We guarantee that the packaging for in-stock items (vinyl figures, bobbleheads, action figures, pins, etc.) will be shipped in near mint or better condition, unless otherwise noted in an item's title or description. Near mint is defined as "nearly perfect with only slight defects." This means that shelf wear may be present.

2. We guarantee that all of our products come directly from the manufacturer or an official distributor. Items are sold in the same condition that we receive them. We do not alter the packaging in any way (price stickers, security stickers, UPC tags, etc.).

3. We guarantee we will inspect every item for defects. We do not sell sealed cases that we have not inspected every item. We do not hide behind, "that's how we received it from the manufacturer."

If a defect is found, we will not ship it. We will replace the item with a same item that complies with our Total Package Guarantee™. If we do not have a suitable replacement, we will contact you, and you have two choices: (1) we will offer you a discounted price on the defective item or (2) if you do not want the defective item at a discounted price, we will refund you the total amount for the item (including applicable taxes).

4. We guarantee that we do not remove limited items or variations from the products we ship to you. We ship you the exact items that we receive from the manufacturer or official distributor.

5. We guarantee to sell you original product. All the items we sell are officially licensed (when applicable) and come in original packaging, unless noted in the item's name or description.

The Total Package Guarantee™ does not apply to orders that are shipped to an agent or forwarder on your behalf. The client is responsible for any loss or damage that occurs after the order has been delivered to the original delivery address.

The Total Package Guarantee™ does not apply to items that are designated as *Not Mint* in its title, name, description, or condition option. These items have defects and are sold as-is in accordance with our Refund Policy.

The Total Package Guarantee™ does not apply to items that are listed as a bundle under one SKU. A bundle is typically designated in its title, name, and/or description. If you are not sure if a listing counts as a bundle, reach out to our customer service department at

It is at the sole discretion of Honor and Power Collectibles, LLC DBA H&P Collectibles in determining whether or not the condition of an item is in near mint or better condition.

This guarantee is subject to the complete list of terms listed in this section.